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We are situated near the local bullring and in the cross way to the Yacht club, Puerto Sherry. This location allows the restaurant to have a large number of luminous rooms and and background kitchen garden where we get most of our vegetables that we use in our menu.

The Andalusian cuisine has been for many years my main inspiration. We elaborate dishes in which our flavours, the ocean, the season, our experience and the passion are always present.

Moreover, a good meal needs a good selection of wines. I offer ‘’Jerez’’ in my menus, as it is the wine that appears as an ingredient in most of our dishes. However, I don’t forget about Oenological richness of our land and in order to serve these wines at the perfect conditions, I have disposed a big space in my restaurant for my wine cellar, where I keep all the bottles of wine at the perfect temperature and ready to be served.

I’m not alone:
We constitute a group of prestigious restaurants such as 'El Faro de Cadiz', 'Ventorrillo El Chato', 'Barrasie7e' and 'El Faro de El Puerto'. Each of the restaurants with its own values and personality, but we all work together with the same aim: To give excellent meals and to create a better world.

Firma de Fernando Fernando Córdoba